ADSL Internet

ADSL Internet Prices

Hız (Megabits) 1 Month(s) 3 Month(s) 6 Month(s)+1 12 Month(s)+2
ADSL 2 Mb50 TL140 TL275 TL495 TL
ADSL 4 Mb70 TL205 TL395 TL675 TL
ADSL 8 Mb85 TL250 TL495 TL895 TL

Features and Advantages

  • Fast and Reliable Internet Service
  • Island-wide coverage
  • Prices includes VAT
  • In addition to the prices, 15 TL + VAT per month is paid to TRNC Telecommunication Office
  • Free Activation
  • Free Static IP and E-Mail 1


  • 1. Static IP is the constant IP address assigned to your internet connection. Please visit our Knowledge Base for more information.

Are you in coverage ?

Please write the first 3 letters of your phone number and check if your area has Extend ADSL service.