FiberNet Internet

What is FiberNet ?

Thanks to the fiber infrastructure that is established with the use of the new generation Fiber Optic cables, internet access is provided in a real sense without interruption and high speed.

In this regard, you will start to get internet service at high speed without problems such as signal pollution, frequent breakdown, connection slowness which is the biggest problem experienced in xDSL internet services.

Nowadays in TRNC, fiber optic infrastructure is unfortunately not cost effective to reach every home, but Extend Broadband has started to serve as a leading company in this sector.

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Speed (Megabits) 1 Month(s) 3 Month(s) 6 Month(s) 12 Month(s)
FiberNET - 10 Mb - Unlimited340 TL990 TL1920 TL3740 TL
FiberNET - 15 Mb - Unlimited400 TL1165 TL2260 TL4400 TL
FiberNET - 20 Mb - Unlimited450 TL1310 TL2540 TL4950 TL
FiberNET - 30 Mb - Unlimited550 TL1600 TL3105 TL6050 TL
FiberNET - 50 Mb - Unlimited875 TL2545 TL4935 TL9625 TL
FiberNET - 100 Mb - Unlimited1695 TL4930 TL9565 TL18645 TL

Features and Advantages

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  • Installation in 1 Business Day 1
  • Technical Support in 24 Hours

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