VDSL Internet

VDSL Internet Packages

Hız (Download / Upload ) 1 Month(s) 3 Month(s) 6 Month(s) 12 Month(s)
VDSL 16 Mb / 4 Mb180 TL515 TL980 TL1800 TL
VDSL 24 Mb / 4 Mb230 TL655 TL1245 TL2300 TL
VDSL 34 Mb / 4 Mb290 TL825 TL1565 TL2900 TL

VDSL is an advanced version of ADSL technology. Please click here for more info.

VDSL internet service will be provided to Nicosia and Kyrenia only for now and you will be called and informed by our call center if you are in the coverage area after the preliminary application is received and the line is checked by the Telecommunication Office.

Please fill in the application form as a phone line owner and send it to our offices together with your ID card photocopy.

Click here to download application form.

Connection Type Speed Distance
ADSL Up to 16 Mbps Less than 4 Km
VDSL Up to 100 Mbps Less than 1 Km

Features and Advantages

  • No Fair Usage Policy!
  • Internet and voice / fax capability can be provided simultaneously via a single telephone line
  • Uninterrupted, high-speed internet access is provided
  • Providing high-speed communication over the existing PSTN (analog telephone) line without the need for a new infrastructure


  • 1. VDSL service can only be provided by the telephone office where the VDSL infrastructure is installed.
  • 2. As the distance to the telephone exchange is longer and the quality of the cable is lowered, the quality of the internet service drops because it works with copper wire cables.
  • 3. It can be provided to a very short distances.